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  • How data-sharing era puts our privacy at risk – The Globe and Mail April 9, 2018
    A study cited in the paper notes publisher websites utilize an average of 13.5 (and up to 70 in some cases) third parties. A visit to one popular U.S. tabloid triggered a user interaction with some 352 other web servers, according to a 2014 U.S. Senate subcommittee study of the issue. Many of those interactions … Continue reading How data-sharing era puts our privacy at risk – The Globe and Mail
  • Introducing Hypercardinator April 8, 2018
    For some reason, I felt like turning my blog into something reminiscent of Hypercard. Maybe it’s nostalgia? Maybe it’s a throwback to an era from before the web? Maybe it’s an ironic attempt to de-emphasize design over content? Maybe all of those. Anyway. I found this great Chicago-inspired webfont, released under a Creative Commons license … Continue reading Introducing Hypercardinator
  • Blogging, social media, and ambient humanity March 23, 2018
    Tim Carmody, posting on Kottke.org, about Dan Cohen’s “Back to the Blog” post. …blogging either needs its own mechanisms of ambient humanity — which it’s had, in the form of links, trackbacks, conversations, even (gulp) comments, all of which replicated at least a fraction of the buzz that social media has — or it needs … Continue reading Blogging, social media, and ambient humanity
  • Road trip to the end of the world March 19, 2018
    Arizona is an amazing place. Driving south from Strawberry, we passed through about a dozen distinct biomes, and ended up in a landscape that would be at home in a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. The drive left some quality time for mobile playlisting… And winding up in Winslow, arizona, where it appeared as though we … Continue reading Road trip to the end of the world
  • TILT Episode 002 – Richard Zach and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc introduce OERs March 7, 2018
    As part of Open Education Week at the University of Calgary, Richard Zach and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc gave a presentation to introduce the concept of OERs, where to find them, and how to make them. Lots of love sent to BCCampus' Open Textbook initiative and Pressbooks.
  • the podcast is now live in the iTunes directory February 28, 2018
    I guess that makes it official. I’ve got a few new episodes planned out. Looks like there’s no chickening out now… D’Arcy Norman dot net the podcast (AKA TILT: Taylor Institute Learning Technologies), in the iTunes directory
  • volumetric video of a (jazz) performance February 28, 2018
    For my PhD research, I’ve been bouncing ideas around for how to volumetrically capture a performance or classroom session in 3D, and then layer on additional contextual data (interactions between participants, connections, info from dramaturgy, info from SoTL, etc.). This NEBULA experimental jazz video by Marcin Nowrotek kind of gets at some of what’s in … Continue reading volumetric video of a (jazz) performance
  • notes on setting up a podcast in 2018 February 28, 2018
    I hadn’t published a podcast since 2005, back when podcasting meant “automating downloads of audio files to an iPod because there’s no internet connection when you’re mobile” and not “any kind of media, and nobody even remembers what an iPod is anymore, and why on earth wouldn’t you have an internet connection all the time?” … Continue reading notes on setting up a podcast in 2018
  • TILT Episode 001 – Brian Lamb and RRU’s LRNT 525 class February 27, 2018
    It's time to kick off the Taylor Institute Learning Technologies (TILT) podcast series. I was fortunate to be invited to chat with Brian Lamb and Royal Roads University's LRNT 525 class, nominally to talk about institutional change management and decision making, but it turned into a wide-ranging discussion of innovation and the tension between creativity and enterprise-scale. ps. I'll be moving these podcasts onto UCalgary media servers, once that's a thing. For now, self-hosting to get things started…
  • Introducing the new look for D2L at UCalgary February 23, 2018
    We’re getting ready to roll out the new “Daylight” interface for D2L, which will go live on May 4, 2018. The biggest benefit is a responsive design, which will make the experience on mobile devices much, much better. And, it will also make it more usable through screen readers and other accessibility devices. Also, it’s … Continue reading Introducing the new look for D2L at UCalgary



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